The right hires at the right price.

Don't compromise quality by offshoring core work. And don't spend a fortune hiring from elite universities. Find highly talented teammates - who speak your language and work in your timezone - at reasonable prices, quickly.

I'm super smart, just like you.

Let's return hiring to its roots and make sure everyone is happy in their job and extraordinarily suited for the work they're doing. If it's not a fit, let's find a better one.  We have an app for that.

I speak your language and have coffee when you do.

In the world's efforts at productivity, we ignored a basic truth - speaking the same language and working at the same time actually matters. Native English and US timezones, rejoice!

I deserve good pay. You deserve a good price.

The US is expensive. Not so elsewhere. You can hire three people at great salaries for the cost of one Ivy League grad. That's candy for your investor board deck.

It's easy: hire smart people, pay them well, save money, and grow your business faster.

faster hire time


productive hours per $


hours screening resumes

Christina Sass,
Co-founder & former COO, Andela

"The folks at Startwise are obsessed with helping people grow. Their early influence at Andela changed individual lives and changed the company."