Upskill your team.

The Startwise platform allows you to quickly identify and correct skill gaps. You spend more time leading your team and developing their superpowers. Win-win.

These brands start wise. You can too.


Get the best hires. Meet your new teammates!

We make recruiting and hiring a breeze by giving you powerful tools to build and deploy successful hiring plans. Stronger fits, faster.

Cut ramp times in half. What to do with all that time?

Our secret sauce blends a scientifically-designed learning loop with a self-directed ramp plan that accelerates their time-to-ramp. Science meets experience.

Don't “Manage” Performance. Accelerate it.

Simple, intuitive evaluations helps monitor performance in real time, turning painful performance evals into collaborative skill improvement. Goodbye, performance review anxiety.

Keep more top producers. Celebrate more work anniversaries.

Deploy career paths to provide a clear roadmap for where teammates can advance their career and make it clear how to get there. Bring more joy to work. And cake.

The folks at Startwise are obsessed with helping people grow. Their early influence at Andela changed individual lives and changed the company.

Christina Sass, Co-founder & former COO, Andela

The framework... is huge. Everyone feels a lot more clear now on what’s expected of them. It allows people to succeed if they can see what they’re measured against.

David Pittman, Director - Sales & Client Success, Volley

These folks are the masters of onboarding. Not only do they design a reliable onboarding program for all of our new hires, they transform junior team members into onboarding experts in the process.

Nadayar Enegesi, Co-Founder and CEO, Eden

Thanks to Startwise, I now have a JD I'm proud of, a hiring protocol that I can stand by, and strategic guidance on hiring that make me confident I'll find the right candidates for my next key hires.

Jolomi Otumara, Co-Founder & CEO, Partcloud

Startwise walked with us through a key period of forming this team. In a matter of weeks, we got to crystal clarity on the roles and responsibilities for everyone on the team, and guided us through the best performance review process I've ever been a part of.

Abby Chaffatt, General Manager, Future Africa

I'm a month into my new job and our company is hitting the gas on hiring. I feel like I've got the world's best HR team by my side setting me up for success. I didn't know this sort of support even existed!

Ken Okolo, Direction of Talent Operations, Volley

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