Case Studies & Testimonials

Training and coaching
across cultures and continents

How Andela trained 1000 engineers in Africa

Andela needed to create a learning program that distributed world-class software development skills to an entire continent of aspiring engineers. But it wasn’t the technical skills that posed the greatest challenge, it was the team skills.

Scalable learning systems for top tech talent

Having built half a dozen bootcamps and learning programs for mastering technical and communication skills, we created a 30-day soft skills onboarding and enculturation program, as well as individual coaching and training that helped hundreds of engineers cross cultures, continents, and time zones to effectively deliver as remote, fully-integrated team members.

Month 1 + OKBBs: the path to owning your growth

With fully-customized programs, and a one-of-a-kind curriculum designed specifically for Andela’s needs, there was just one thing more they needed: coaching to develop the courage and confidence to own their own learning, development, and performance.

Scaling software teams... solved.

Now Andela’s own network of engineers can onboard and coach each other. Their team is free to scale remotely across 8 countries without sacrificing quality, outcompeting engineering talent providers around the world.

Transformative learning & development programs
Code-cracking, culture-crossing comms & tech curriculum
Coaching programs that scale across countries & cohorts

“At Andela, we all had to grow, every single day. The folks at Startwise are obsessed with helping people grow, I don’t think we could have gotten to Series D without them. At least, I wouldn’t have wanted to.”

Christina Sass
Co-Founder & former COO, Andela

The power of expert mentorship
The convenience of online learning

How Startwise helped Graphite build its Academy

Graphite Inc was already a thriving marketplace for top business consultants when their CEO Vikram Ashok reached out to Startwise to see if we could help their experts make online courses in between projects...

Creating world-class online courses 100% remotely

Leveraging the insights gained from creating Nanodegrees for Udacity, and registering over 1 million students in online courses, team Startwise set to work creating a curriculum development and production pipeline that could continuously generate top-quality learning content during a global pandemic.

Great courses, great content, month over month

Now, with an established, research-backed, super efficient production pipeline and virtually limitless access to expert know-how, Graphite Academy adds 2-3 new, world-class courses to its catalogue every month. What’s next?

Customer education AND net new recurring revenue

Graphite Academy provides continuing education to its network of consultants, and to its clients alike. Now the thriving marketplace has the ability to wield learning content and media to truly scale up its network effects. Here’s just a few of the results Graphite got from working with Startwise.

Powerful courses to fit their marketplace’s unique needs
Online Academy design, marketing, and customer research
Reliable content engine turns experts into thought leaders

“Startwise got up and running in under 2 weeks and within 2 months we had a reliable coursemaking engine to power our growing academy.”

Vikram Ashok
CEO, Graphite Inc

Giving every new hire
a path to top performance

How Startwise helped Volley create a sales talent pipeline

Volley is a young startup led by a successful founder. It’s re-inventing how sales teams grow by handling the entire talent pipeline for them, including hiring, onboarding, and training.  Which means they need to be industry leaders at all of these challenges. They needed a way to skill people up in sales roles quickly and effectively.

Creating top performers in technical and team skills

Using the learning sciences and a decade of research on how people learn, team Startwise set to work creating a performance-based curriculum that could grow and evolve as Volley does.

Accelerating learning for the whole team

In order for Volley to thrive, they need to enable the next generation of salespeople to train themselves, using the hard-won wisdom of top performers in the industry. Learning has to become so integrated with working, that the two would mutually reinforce each other.

Changing the game for Volley and their partners

Startwise custom-built SkillBoards now enable the newest hires at Volley to onboard 3x faster than industry standard, and the most senior sales leaders to contribute their ever-expanding know-how to the curriculum without slowing down or overwhelming their new recruits.

Onboarding, training, performance management: SOLVED
Managers worry less and new hires learn faster
Curriculum evolves with the team, never going out of date

“With Startwise, we worry much less about skill development, now it happens naturally. The impact on team culture and growth is exciting and relieving to see.”

Ian Carnevale
Founder, Volley

Building values that mean
more each time their spoken

Helping Nautilus Labs build lasting values

Nautilus Labs was moving from Seed to A. They had just doubled the size of their team, and they were about to double it again.

Creating an authentic culture, ready to scale

Combining culture surveys, 1:1 interviews, and meeting facilitation  we learned how Nautilus Labs worked under the hood. We were able to decode the cultural behaviors that had been making them successful, the ones they wanted to support each new team member in accessing and demonstrating.

Words on a wall. Language to live & work by.

Now Nautilus has a memorable description of the values that governed everyday behaviors and teamwork. But they don’t just sit on a wall, they show up frequently throughout the work day, in meetings, and on Slack.

A rising TIDE lifts all boats.

Nautilus Labs is transforming the efficiency and technical integrations used in  today’s shipping industry. Now their team can share their values with their clients and service providers. Everyone benefits from “High Tide” attitude of the team members across the entire company.

Values that authentically embody the company culture
Meme-worthy comms to reinforce top performance
Values they are proud to share throughout their industry

“The folks at Startwise are awesome! I’ve had the chance to work with them at two different startups, and I would hire them again in a heartbeat. Oh wait, I just did.”

Matt Heider
CEO, Nautilus Labs

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