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For teams up to 100 people


Flat $10 per user per month

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Main features
Full Platform Access
Ozzie, your personal AI skills coach
Chat Inegration (Slack, Teams)
Monthly Success checkins

For teams over 100 people


From $15 per user per month

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Everything in Start plus:
Training Program Access
Custom Features
Custom Integrations
Personalized Support

For freelancers


From $20,00 per user per month

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Main features
AI up to 100 requests a month
Orders analytics

For teams


From $28,00 per user per month

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Everything in Starter plus:
Deep analytics
AI up to 1000 requests a month
Revenue tracker
Customers insights

A pretty sweet feature suite. For any size team.

We are actively building new features and functions every day. By default, anything we build that is not custom will be included on any plan.



Number of users



Additional Users
Per user per month



Slack, Teams, etc.



Customer Success Checkins
1:1s with your Success rep



Dedicated Chat Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the ones we get most. If you don't see yours here, email us at and we'll get back to you.

What's the difference between your Start and Grow plans?

The Start plans are designed for smaller teams of up to 100 people, offering full platform access, AI skills coach, chat integration, and a success manager. The grow plans include all of this, along with additional training programs, custom features and integrations, and personalized support.

How much time does it take to get set up on the platform?

The setup process is quick and easy. We can have your entire team on the platform in a single day, and within 24 hours of launch, you could have meaningful, actionable data on everyone on your team's skill levels.

I have KPIs. Why do I need StartWise's 3D skills view?

While KPIs measure past performance, our 3D skills view assesses skills to predict future performance. This can give you insights into future months or even years, allowing for early course corrections if needed.

Do you have nonprofit, green energy, or other discounts?

We provide a 10% discount to not-for-profit and non-profit organizations, to organizations whose primary business is within green economy or fighting climate change, and to veteran, woman, or minority owned businesses.

What does it mean to “skill up”?

To skill up is the process of improving one's ability to perform a particular skill. With the use of modern technology like generative AI and machine learning, we've simplified this traditionally complicated process.

What does "it's not what you know, it's what you can do" mean?

As we have moved from the knowledge economy to the skills economy, it is not just about what you know anymore. With the widespread availability of information, the real challenge is developing skills to effectively use this information to achieve results.

What does it mean to skill up ON the job?

Skilling up on the job means improving your ability to perform a skill within the context of your work, often by leveraging the help of leaders, mentors, and peers.

What about skilling UP for the job?

Skilling up for the job refers to the process of preparing and improving oneself to get or transition to a desired job. This could be for those currently unemployed, underemployed, or looking for a change or promotion in their current job.

What does it mean to skill up without limits?

In an AI-powered world, skilling up without limits means you can improve your skills 24/7 with the help of an AI-powered skills coach.

What is the role of AI and humans in the Startwise Platform?

Both AI and humans have crucial roles in the learning process. Although we are not yet at a stage where AI can handle the entire process, a combination of both allows for the best contributions to successful skill development.

How is this different from traditional learning platforms?

Unlike traditional learning platforms, our platform allows for the creation of custom plans tailored to each individual's unique skills and goals. This is done through our personalized AI, Ozzie the Otter, reducing the need for human time and allowing for precise coaching and mentorship.

Why should I trust your AI?

Startwise AI is not a large language model (LLM). It is a combination of science-backed, context aware prompts and suggestions. We may use LLMs to generate content that appears tailored to your specific needs, but none of your personal information is transmitted during this process.