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No matter what size of team you’re managing, we’ve got you covered.

For teams looking to accelerate one role

All Playbooks for one role:
Hiring Playbook
Ramp Up Playbook
Performance Playbook
Retention Playbook
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For teams wanting to iterate in phases

All Playbooks for two roles:
Hiring Playbook
Ramp Up Playbook
Performance Playbook
Retention Playbook
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For teams ready for a complete solution

All Playbooks for four roles:
Hiring Playbook
Retention Playbook
Ramp Up Playbook
Performance Playbook
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Startwise Pricing

Help your leaders set expectations - and your employees exceed them.
$400/mo per role*

For leaders looking to accelerate their teams (not manage them).

Leadership support for everything you need to do:
Ramp Up
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One role (two roles total)
+$200 ($600/mo total)
Three roles (four roles total)
+$500 ($900/mo total)
Roles not Sales or Engineering
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* Note that all pricing is per role  - regardless of how many people are in the role

($500/mo minimum)

Full Startwise Platform
Slack Integration
Annual Performance Analysis
Weekly Support Checkins
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Custom Pricing

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Full Startwise Platform
Custom Integrations
Quarterly Performance Analysis
Customized Support & Coaching
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Ongoing Support

Continuous improvement and team upgrades

A Single Source of Truth for all role-based data
"Learn-as-you-work" training modules
Executive & Leadership coaching and training
Dedicated People Ops Training Specialist
Unlimited upgrades to people operations docs

For large teams that need a highly customized build

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Training Certification Playbook (accelerate upskilling and reskilling)
Leadership Playbook (accelerate leadership and management)
Teamwork Playbook (accelerate collaboration among multiple team members)
Role Realignments
Delivery in accelerated timeline
Custom Services

Full Startwise Platform Comparison

Everything you need to maximize team performance and retain your superstars.
Integrations (Slack, others coming soon)
Support Ticketing
Email, Slack
Phone, Email, Slack
Customer Success Rep
Success Checkins
Named Contacts for Support
Dedicated Slack Channel
1 Dedicated Channel
Unlimited Channels
Performance Analysis
Annual Price (minimum)
Annual Payment Discount
Included Users at Monthly Minimum
Additional $/user/month

What is a Playbook?

Playbooks consist of guides called Chapters to help you accelerate any phase of the employee lifecycle.

Startwise Platform Sections

The Learning Sciences and Distributed Leadership baked in to pre-populated templates for you to customize and deploy quickly.

Cut ramp up times in half. This is not onboarding,
it's ramp, reimagined.

Ramp Plan
Progress Tracking
Teammates and Resources

Don't "manage" your team. Accelerate it.
Performance improvement that doesn't suck.

Upskill Plan
Performance Tracking
Continuous Feedback

All your questions answered.

Need something not covered here or just have questions? Email us: hello@startwise.io.
What's the difference between Startwise & training software providers?

Training Software is a digital library. You go to a library, there is off-the-shelf content you can get to help you learn your job. They’re great and they have a purpose, but at a library you can’t ask the author to write the book just for you. That’s what we do, we come work with you and write the book on what top performance in each role looks like for your specific needs.

How much time does it take?

Getting up on the platform is quick and easy - once we have an agreement, we can have your entire team on it that day. That said, we do a fair amount of custom provisioning based on the resources you currently have (job descriptions, process documents, videos, etc.), so we recommend an implementation period for us to set you up for success.

I know how people are performing, I have KPIs. How is this different?

By the time you measure performance using KPIs, it's too late. Metrics are lagging indicators - how did someone do last month, last quarter, last year. It's not predictive. Startwise allows you to assess at the skill level, which gives you the ability to predict how someone will later perform on those metrics. You can actually look to future months, quarters, and years, and know who will be doing well and who won't, then course correct. If it sounds a little sci-fi, it is - but no Precogs were harmed in the creation of this product.

Wait, isn't this for my HR or People Ops team?

We love HR and People Ops (and they love us)! We generally get involved first with a company through a specific leader trying to solve their performance challenges. From there, HR will notice your success and want to deploy Startwise to their other teams - and we'll gladly help! But since the platform is very team-specific, it tends to be that leaders want to use this to help solve performance within their own domain.

How does payment work?

The initial month fee is due at signing and all subsequent monthly payments are Net-30. You may also pay annually with a 10% discount. You can cancel at any time and only pay for the period completed.

Do you have a not for profit discount? A green energy discount? Any other discounts?

We provide a 10% discount to not-for and non-profit organizations, to organizations whose primary business is within green economy or fighting climate change, and to veteran, woman, or minority owned businesses.

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