Elephant Heard

The five-minute safari into the wisdom of your heart and mind.
Play when you've got things on your heart and mind that want attention.
Win when you've harvested mental and emotional insights.
Let's Play

Round 1: Name your elephants.

"Elephants" are topics of the heart and mind that hold special significance.
An elephant may be a burning question for a colleague, a hot idea for your partner, a strange feeling that keeps poking at your heart, and so on.
Start by naming your elephants.
Have each player write a list of up to 7 elephants.

Round 2: Listen to your elephants.

Let's choose to believe that every elephant contains value and significance.
Take a look at all the elephants.
Listen to the thoughts and feelings that show up for you and others.
Gaze at all the elephants listed.
Write down or speak aloud thoughts and feelings that arise.

Round 3: Journey forth.

Your elephants are now heard.
The rest is up to you.
Give yourselves a chance to talk about anything that came up, or conclude the game with your elephant insights brought to light.
Open for discussion or continue with your day, equipped with the wisdom of your elephants heard.
Wrap it Up