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We know the drill. Startups are stressful. But all it takes is a little coaching to start transforming pressure into power.
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The Challenge
How do I get a strong start in my first remote job at a startup?
"This has been a crazy few weeks and you guys have been a great part of this new journey. I didn't know what to expect coming in, but I am so glad I've been able to work with you and look forward to more."
New Remote Hire
The Challenge
How do we align on team values now so we can scale together in the future?
"The values Adam helped us identify and create are not just on our wall. We use them daily to both celebrate “high-TIDE” work and as a shared language for giving and getting constructive feedback."
Chief of Staff
New York City
The Challenge
How do we develop engineering talent while scaling across multiple countries?
"Michael is an amazing coach and learning designer. The experiences he designed form a big part of my daily work."
Growth Coordinator
The Challenge
How do we turn a growing group of passionate employees into a high performing team?
"I wasn’t sure I could lead the team in initiatives like this, and now I look forward to continuing to develop myself as an HR leader who helps the team develop themselves in the workplace."
HR Manager
Cape Town
The Challenge
How do we help African devs collaborate effectively on global dev teams?
"Michael is known for helping other people unlock their super powers with a dedication to knowing when and how to give feedback in productive ways."
Remote Work Coach

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