Our Mission

Grow smarter every day.

We believe in people.

We believe in the startups they build.

But we’ve seen too many startup teams grow painful and slow and corporate... sometimes worse.

It’s not totally their fault. So many companies are focused on building “Enterprise solutions”… leaving startups (and the people in them) to fend for themselves.

So as startups mature, they face two choices: become a chaotic mess with few tools to handle their scale OR start mimicking the big businesses they were originally setting out to disrupt. 

Yet startups have long been a force for change, creating as they grow, not just new products, but new ways of working. 

Startwise is on a mission to change not only the products we build, but the way we come to together to build them. 

We exist to align growing teams across time zones, countries, cultures, and continents.

We exist to find harmony at the busy, noisy intersections of people, products, and processes. 

We exist to put the human back at the center of Human Resources.

The past was all about “disruption.”

We believe the future is all about transformation.

We are building Startwise to save every startup time and money transforming the siloed efforts of the past into a brighter, wiser future.

Our Team

International learning expert, Adam Lupu specializing in technical and soft skills training. Online collaboration and remote work leader. Worked with over a dozen (Seed to D) startups in the last 10 years. Hired, onboarded, and managed 300+ people across 12 cities (including major startup markets SF & NYC, mid-markets Austin & Chicago, and African upstarts Lagos & Nairobi).
Special Skills
Soaking up & sharing expertise
Turning anything into a game
Finding common ground
Aligning teams on shared wins
Adam Lupu
Best When
You want to distribute know-how
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International onboarding design expert specializing in inclusion and culture growth. Cross-cultural and early-career talent development specialist. Worked with startups, universities, public schools, and NGOs across 3 continents and 7 countries. Developed dozens of onboarding and upskilling programs reaching 1000+ professionals over 10 years.
Special Skills
Facilitating across cultures
Creating courageous spaces
Hosting remote work parties
Turning docs into works of art
Michael Rosenberg
Best When
You want to grow a team
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International coach and organizational effectiveness consultant. Broad experience in corporate, non-profit, startups, and government, including 9 years in HR at a Fortune 500 equivalent. Global and cross-cultural experience working locally and remotely with teams in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. On a mission to help companies solve the climate crisis together.
Special Skills
Jumping in with a full heart
Tirelessly pursuing clarity
Remote work & communication
Climate change leadership
Alix Dvorak
Best When
You want to eliminate confusion (or save the planet 🌍)
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Writer, director, producer, and performer, Nengi Adoki has starred in stage and film productions on 3 continents. Taking her talents to the world of business, she is also a teamwork skills specialist with experience designing and leading programs to onboard and upskills hundreds of remote software developers. A leader in shaping the narrative of African technology, culture, and future-building.
Special Skills
Unblocking honesty & joy
Bringing the whole self to work
Digging deep & moving fast
Writing, producing, performing
Nengi Adoki
Best When
Your want to motivate a team
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International team builder and global badass. Christina Sass makes every team she touches more powerful and connected. She leads with heartfelt inquiry and limitless energy. That's why she is trusted by both business and world leaders on multiple continents. She invests in youth leadership and positive change, and we're honored to have her as a Startwise advisor.
Special Skills
Building superstar teams
Leading with heart & inquiry
Enabling greatness
Relentless hustle
Christina Sass
Best When
You want to scale culture
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